Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Food Glorious Food!

The Shop to go?

ALDI is your saviour at uni! With it's cheap non-branded substitutes you can save pounds!Keep in mind that me and Alex do shop together so this shop did come to around £60 with the vodka included! Normally, when I did my own bi-weekly shop it would come to about £30!

Top Tips

  • When you do buy your meats such as chicken and mince take them out separately and wrap them in tin foil and freeze. This saves it from going off and being unusable.
  • It is cheaper to buy a whole chicken and cooked and then strip it then by the breasts.
  • Look for the ultra heat treated milk at 95p a carton you can buy loads and keep it in your cupboard for months. Don't worry it tastes completely normal
  • Try freezing your bread so it lasts longer just take out slices that you need and toasting.
  • If your living with a big group of people its a lot cheaper to do group meals maybe once or twice a week.
  • If you can talk with your house mates like I did talk about buying certain things. We all bought massive bottles of washing up liquid and were still using it! TOILET PAPER is a must you have to buy it in bulk you will find that you house will run out so quickly. Many a times I've had to nick a roll from the boys house next door.

Meal ideas?

Anything with potatoes! Jacket, boiled or mashed its quick, cheap and easy. Pair it with some frozen veg and some of the chicken with some gravy to top it off. Curry is another cheap meal grab a jar from ALDI for around 75p add some chicken and some rice maybe some cheap nan or a pitta bread which is cheaper (and healthier).Any type of pasta is easy to make and cheap again with a bag of pasta from ALDI for 29p and a jar for 75p where can you go wrong! If you have left overs. Fancy a Mexican night? The ALDI fajita kit is great! Buy some diced chicken and peppers with some onion share this with another house mate and split the cost!


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