Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to Make Your Room a Home!

"Home Sweet Home"

The truth is you will miss home. I did and I lived away from home for two years before I came to uni, but I seemed to miss it even more once I got here. A couple ways to get rid of those feelings is to make your room as cosy and homely as possible! Any links on products I like within a student budget ill include in the text.

1)Pictures and Posters
 You may think that it would make the situation worse, but it doesn't seeing the faces of your loved ones and remembering the memories captured will bring a smile to you face. Pictures will also cover-up those ghastly white walls. Make a little collage! Also get some frames and scatter them around your room.I love these!

2) Shelf Clutter

Now when I say clutter I don't mean on the floor and everywhere. My definition of clutter in a homely setting is neat clutter. So basically any ornaments that you have on your bookshelves and bedside tables at home bring them with you.

3)Wall Clutter

Yes, yes I've invented another word. It's a thing though! You'll grab loads of things freshers week calendars, flyers and more! Bring things from home like tickets and events you've attended like my Birmingham Blues ticket I also have my Bombay Bicycle Club ticket! Hanging these up will also help get rid of those un-homely  walls.

4) Home Made Items

My sister made me this beautiful blanket I put it at the end of my bed it looks cosy and feels like home!

5)Cushions Galore!

Pile cushions on your bed maybe even add a bean bag to your floor if you have room! It will make your room so cosy (over use of the word?).

6) Fairy Lights/Candles

Were not supposed to have them (SHHHH :P ) but they just create a mood that is so relaxing. Get some that may remind you of home my favourite is cinnamon and apple.   I love the Christmas ones!.Try Fairy lights like these beautiful!

7) Dim Light

Yes I know it's a weird one but the harsh light is really bright to put it bluntly. Keep your lamps and fairy lights on.


P.S Please excuse my horrible photography!


  1. I never had the opportunity to leave home for school, as my college is really close, so really don't know the feeling of being homesick.

    That being said, if I did leave home, I would probably do the same with photos and posters of my friends and family.

    Love the wall clutter as well :P and those fairy lights/candles look so adorable.

    xx Courtney


  2. Thats a shame.It did take me a while to put photos up, but I love it definitely if you make a fun pattern with the pictures!

    Awww thank you!


  3. Awesome blogpost :)
    and your photography isn't horrible at all!:)

    xoxo, Merce ♡

  4. Awesome blogpost :)
    and your photography isn't horrible at all!:)

    xoxo, Merce ♡

  5. Thank you,aha I do try and make the pictures look good in looking into getting a camera!