Sunday, 22 February 2015

21st Birthday Surprises!

In The Week.

Tuesday night Holly told me that she was treating me to a spa day after work on Wednesday  with a massage included! After a cheeky 4 hour shift we headed out to the Mercure Hotel here in Chester I recommend a visit it was lovely!Unfortunately they did mess up the massage by not having anyone in however they did give us a free day to use the spa facility the next day!So we just relaxed in the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room for 3 hours with a nice cool cider at the end!
The next surprise was being treated to a meal at Hickorys! Another place I recommend a visit to if your in Chester is was lush! They had burnt the last of the peach cobbler which I had ordered and for an apology they gave us a bottle of wine and our puddings on the house!Excellent customer service.
Holly and I went back and used the spa the next day!I had a neck and shoulder massage for an hour!Perfect two days of relaxation!The boys then joined us afterwords for a swim!
Holly, Harry and Alex had been planning this all week and I didn't have a clue.Yes they'd joke about taking me to McDonald's or KFC.

Coat-New Look £15 (discount)£30 (without)
Dress-Bank £8

 The Weekend!
The secret had been kept from me for months! Finally I find out! Drum roll please!!!!!! It was a night in London and tickets to see Wicked! I was so excited! On the morning of my birthday I opened all my presents which I love thank you all! Alex and I made our way down to London. The four hour car journey was entertaining singing all the way down (as you do). We made it to London and went straight to the Apollo Victoria. That magical green sign was a sight to see!

The show was absolutely amazing I loved every minute of it. The hotel was right in the middle of London. A nice big bed and T.V. Watching T.V is a luxury for uni students. Waking up in London is one of the best things ever waking up to busy streets outside and being able to relax inside!

The day ended with a lush bubble bath and the drive home to relax with a cuppa and watch films because I'm feeling poorly.


P.S no OOTD due to lack of full length mirrors :p


  1. Belated happy birthday! I bet you really had a great time on your 21st birthday. How I wish there'll be people who'll be surprising me on my bday, too since I'm also turning 21 this weekend. :)

  2. Awww thank you 😊 I had a wonderful time! I'm sure you'll get loads of surprises! What are your plans?