Monday, 16 February 2015

My Valentine

                                        All You Need Is Love!

Thought I'd start this post off with a lyric from my favourite Beatles song. This post doesn't fit into any category of mine (not really) I just thought I'd share what I did on valentines day. You guys can share with me what you did in the comments below I'd love to hear!
Rose and rose petals! 

Early Morning Start!

Yes I know 10 o'clock may not be an 'early start' for most of you but it is for me! Why you may ask did I have to get up so early?Work yes! Yes I did work Valentines day, a full 6 hours :/ But that didn't stop me from having a fantastic day!The morning started with cuddles (love e'm) followed by a bouquet of roses, a bottle of rose and a beautiful  Pandora charm all given to me by Alex. In return I got him two picture frames a massive packet of Percy pigs (his obsession) and a smart dress shirt to wear out later.

The Evening

Alex booked us a table at Ristorante Sergio! A one of a kind Italian restaurant in the heart of Chester I recommend if your ever in Chester to go an visit the food is excellent and not to pricey so I would say it's 'student friendly'. We shared a Starter of 'Bruschetta alla Toscana' which was amazing, all home made bread and so many flavours in one slice! Magnifico! For a main I tackled the Cannelloni which is chicken stuffed in pasta with spinach in a cheese sauce soooo nice! Alex demolished a dish of Penne Arabiata which looked delicious but I didn't try any as he said it was quite spicy and I don't do spicy! And for dolci or pudding (desert for my American readers) we shared a bowl of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla gelato which even the picture will make your mouth water! It all came to £44 with a bottle of wine included!I'd say that's an absolute bargain me and Alex split the bill straight down the middle.I believe that valentines day isn't all about the girl (as its advertised) its about celebrating the love you have for each other, so you should both treat one another! The night ended perfectly and is probably the best valentines day I've probably ever had.
Alex and I please excuse the hair it needs a cut

******If your ever in the beautiful Chester and want the full Italian experience I would definitely recommend Sergio's the atmosphere was lovely! Sergio's Main page!

Tell me what you did on Valentines day in the comments!


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