Friday, 30 January 2015

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Review

The Primer £4.99
Right this is my first go at a review!
Starting from the bottom so to speak.I did have trouble opening it after about 5 minutes I found that you just twist and pull to break the tape #spastic.After using my sisters Almay colour correct primer this Rimmel primer has a much thicker consistency which I love it gives you that security that your foundation will stay on.It has a refreshing smell sort of like a moisturiser smell lovely to use in the morning!When you put it on leave it for a minute and do something
else to let it "sink in".Then go on and use your foundation. However,I did find that when I put my foundation on its was sort of hard to spread in not sure how to explain its like a slight resistance when I use my expert face brush (real techniques).Overall it works really well it keeps your foundation on all day and even in the gym with slight wear on the forehead.

The Foundation £4.99
I've got the Ivory colour (100).This colour is perfect for me I feel that it matches my skin tone perfectly! To get your colour try testing it on your wrist.You can get the same in a heavier coverage (red top) but I find that less make-up is so better go for that no make-up look everyday with the medium coverage.The consistency is really nice not to thick.When your wearing it it doesn't give that "caked on effect".When applied over the primer this will stay on for ages just what it says!Im not sure if it actually stays on for 25 hours Im not up that long....ever!

These two items were bought on sale 2 for £10 so grab them while you can from super drug!Its usually £7.99 for the foundation and the primer £6.99 BARGIN!


*I'm reviewing the lipstick later its in my Favourites!

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