Monday, 26 January 2015

Moving in to Uni and meeting your house mates.

Its all a buzz!You wake up on move in day with only the clothes you haven't packed.Second guessing your outfit maybe? I definitely did! I had a van full of my stuff I  had to double and triple check to see if I had everything!The closer you get to uni the more exciting it all is!When you get to your uni you collect your keys and your student card which you will need to protect and never loose or else you cant get into the students union on a Friday night that is a must after a long week of lectures.

All my Stuff!

If you can find out who your living with before you move in it will make it a lot easier.At Chester they made different Facebook pages for the different halls so you could ask who was in what house or on which floor.In my case i'm in a house I knew 6 out of the 7 girls before I even moved in!It made it a lot easier got rid of that "awkward moment" because we had all talked to each other ans gotten to know each other
before hand.After your all unpacked and say
Finished Room!

that dreaded but exciting goodbye to your parents you finally get that sense of freedom....what do you do? you go to the student union (SU) and have a drink.Being in a house we share a garden with the house next door (6 Lads) we all went for a drink at the SU this is where the cringey icebreakers are useful."How old are you?" "what do you study?" "where are you from?".(Don't worry you will get used to using these on induction week).
Don't be shy be yourself talk and have a laugh and a couple of drinks!


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