Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Recent trips to London!

New Years

Platform 9 3/4
Piccadilly Circus
I know its a bit late but I've only just started my blog. Last year.I went down to London with my boyfriend and sister! I absolutely loved it the atmosphere was amazing! If any of you ever have a chance I would highly recommend it! I know this year you had to pay for tickets but we didn't we stood near Lambert bridge (just down from Big Ben) and we saw everything.Everyone was so excited you could just feel it in the air! People from all over the world came and saw the fireworks! I would however recommend that you get there early! Don't worry you wont get bored there's loads of sights to see and loads of 'acts' to watch.We saw a man who did the limbo! Being a big Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes fan both platform 9 3/4 and 221b Baker street were a must see! For all shopaholics Oxford Street is a dream come true!It just ads to the festive season with the Christmas decorations hanging above your head!
Oxford street
 Dinner?You best book a table everywhere was packed!We just managed to get a table at Pizza Express.With a added bonus when we finished they gave us all vouchers for a by one get one free meal!This is gold when your a student.I will definitely use mine later. Perhaps a pay day treat!.New years day is also a great day in London.There's a parade and everything!(Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the parade).However keep in mind London will be packed on both days hose of you who are not fond of crowds keep this in mind!

Big Ben Selfie

 Get away weekend !

TGI FRidays
There's always a need for a get away weekend just to step back and have a breather .Perhaps after a long and stressful week? That's exactly what I needed!So my boyfriend decided to take me to his house in Epsom.This weekend was a "no work aloud" weekend just time to step back and chill (and shop). Saturday morning consisted  of me watching Alex practice golf for an hour which I surprisingly enjoyed! If you're ever near Epsom, Kingston shopping centre is the place to go for all shopaholics. Loads of shops with the biggest H&M I've ever seen!All students and money conscious individuals keep in mind the sales are still on!Staying in the students budget and still wanting to treat yourselves why not go to TGI Fridays? We did!Got two Starters (stuffed potato skins and fajitas nachos) for £20 just split it between you for £10 each that's a students treat! Sunday was our trip out to London after a lie in of course :) .We went to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.Yes, a
Hard Rock
Yummmmm Burgers
slightly pricey "treat" but it was a first time visit and a well enjoyed meal and experience so its worth a few bob.If you ever have the chance to go i would highly recommend getting a burger they are sooooo nice. Also the alcoholic milkshakes (twist and shout) are also fantastic!Sadly again I don't have a picture as I slurped it up in one go!Bond street was next stop as last time we went to Oxford street last time. Couldn't resist the Massive Victoria's Secret shop!I mean three floors of heaven!(Good thing ! got paid).Would again highly recommend a visit they have all the costumes worn at the show on display to glare at and wish that you never ate that burger.Only joking :)
Secrets secrets :)

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