Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Last day!

Many of you  might or might not know that the retail store BANK is in administration. Unlucky for me and my colleges the store I work(ed) at is now closing and now I'm back on the market....the job market.

I thought I'd do a little and my very first OOTD! Sorry again for the rubbish quality of photos.

Top- New Look-£3.50 (with staff discount) £7 (without staff discount)
Leggings-New Look-I think they were £17.99 with out discount and £9 with?
Ankle Boots-New Look-£12 (with my discount) £24 (without discount)

The photos got a white glow that I cant seem to get rid of and apologies for the awkward angle that hair is being cut tomorrow and I'm so excited!! Take note those of you coming or thinking of coming to Uni, buy a full length mirror.The only time I get to see what my outfit looks like all at once is either at work(when I had a job), in club mirrors (where we all know we're not in the best of states to judge our outfits) or my reflections in  windows.


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