Friday, 9 September 2016

New York: Week 5

This is my final New York post. My adventures in the Big Apple are over and they will be missed.My last week was my busiest week we did so much, so this might be a long post!

At the very start of the week I meet up with one of my University friends, Tara who is doing Camp America and was visiting New York for the day. We thought this was the best time to roam the big city by ourselves. So I caught the subway and headed her way At first I was scared that I would get hopelessly lost because the subway isn't the easiest to navigate lack of signs and that. However, we found each other and embraced in a movie style hug.We headed off to McDonald's , but not any old McDonald's the McDonald's in Times Square which is lit like a Broadway play, and the inside looked like a 3 story club. Tara grabbed a chicken nugget meal and I grabbed an ice cold strawberry lemonade yum yum yum. We caught up while we sipped and ate then we, and our way to the centre of times square and do what we do best and took loads of photos a hell of a lot.

Beware you do have to tip the people in the costumes! We did not know this at the time and enjoyed our little photo shot that ended with them harassing us for money.
Of course we had to visit the Little Lions Cat Cafe again. Again we were not disappointed. Some of the same cats were there but there were also some new ones which was nice, because this meant that some of the cats had been adopted.

 Our little New York adventure ended and me and Tara parted ways at the New York Port Authority. She headed to Miami and I headed back to my sisters with a Wendy's in hand.

On that Friday my sister booked us tickets to go to both Ellis Island and Liberty Island. We woke up at about 10 am and made our way Downtown to South Ferry which was a very long Subway ride, luckily we didn't have to swap trains so we just sat for what felt like hours the whole way. We finally made it to where we were meant to be and waited in a long line through security, followed by a long line to get on the Mrs Ellis Island Boat. When we finally boarded we got a good standing seat on the top deck, the sea breeze was the nicest thing ever as it was a very, very hot day.

 We finished our walk around the island and made our way through more security to go into the museum and the entrance to the pedestal. We climbed what seemed like 100,000 stairs, we finally made it to the pedestal. The view was amazing you can walk all the way round, although crowded its worth the view both around and up as you are standing right under Lady Liberty herself.

The stairs up to the  crown

We climbed down all of those steps again which might I add was a lot easier that going up them. We came out underneath the statue again on the star shaped concrete floor which she stands upon, and walked around to the entrance of the museum. 

The museum although similar to the one in X- Men is only one story but still filled with items that are just as cool!

The museum included all sorts of interesting items! Including one of the original torches and propaganda that used the statue as its figure head.
We then grabbed a Bill's lemonade and headed to the Ellis island ferry.

Ellis Island was beautiful! There was also something special about arriving on a boat like many of the people did who were seeking passage into America all those years ago. You could see what they saw when they first set eyes on the magnificent Manhattan skyline. The tour guide on the boat spoke about how the statue of liberty stood as a image of hope to those immigrants as it gave the hope of a better life in America.

The picture on the left is the room where the immigrants would start. This is where they would be registered and wait to be called to the next stages of entering the country. In the front of the room stood three desks where officers would stand and take peoples names, surnames and how many people were with them. There were example pages of the registration books available for us to see.

The next group of pictures show how the individuals entering the country had to go through many stages before stepping foot on in Manhattan. This included physical health and mental health tests. The two pictures just below this shows where many people wrote on the walls whilst waiting for these stages to begin.

They had many telephones where you could listen to peoples experiences who were actually there! They had these throughout the whole building.

It was so fascinating to see how many of my friends and family's ancestors came to live in this country and what they had to go through to get here.
After catching the last ferry back to Manhattan we made our way to the subway to go to the pop up Magnum shop on Prince Street!

This place was beautiful in its own way. You can choose between two types of ice cream (chocolate & Vanilla) then choose what outer chocolate you want (Milk,white and dark chocolate) then you can choose 3 toppings. I chose gold flakes, mint chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. You also get to choose that Magnum logo you want on it I chose white chocolate. To top it off I added dark chocolate drizzle! It cost about $7.00.

I'll just leave this here for you guys :p
That night we packed and got ready for our adventure the next day.

The next morning we were all packed and ready for our beach day. We headed to the subway with bags upon bags of beach 'necessity's'. We only had to get the one train all the way to Coney Island. Somewhere where I've always wanted to go after seeing it in many films. The train ride was long and hot as more beach goers got on. We finally got there and it was a sight to see the train went straight past the feris wheel ad the roller coasters to then show the beach which was packed. We did manage to find a good spot close to the shore though.

We sunbathed and ate all of our treats that we bought with us. This included the childish Lunchables which I still love as they remind me of my middle school days.The weather was perfect!

My first bikini picture I have ever posted on social media! Yeay me!

In the week we had one more visit to times square before I went back to Georgia.

I will be writing about three very exciting things i also did in New York throughout the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled!


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