Saturday, 17 September 2016

10 Things to do in New York!

A lot of these are from my 5 weeks in New York so if you don't want to read through them you can have a quick summary here!

** By the way I mention Photo shoots a lot..... I like taking pictures

1) Visit the museums! 

The Met
The museum of Natural History

2) Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island 

This is an experience that I think everyone needs to have. It is definitely an eye opener.

3) Coney Island

Have a beach day and bring your favourite snacks to lounge with.

4) See a Musical!

There are plenty to chose from! Cats, School of Rock, Jersey Boys, Wicked, and Matilda

5) Ellen's Stardust Diner

For the best entertainment in the City (besides an actual Broadway show!). 

6) Walk around Central Park.

Venture around the shops and try and find your favourite movie spots. By this I mean find where your favourite movies are shot in Central Park and reenact the scene!

Where they filmed Doctor Who!

7)  Go to a Cat Cafe!

Try the Little Lion Cafe on Grant street!

8) Eat everything New York-ish!

Gray's Papya Hot dog

Cheesecake from Ellen's stardust Diner
Be sure to get food from the hot dog and pretzel vendors it all about the New York experience

9) Go to Macy's on 34th street!

For the experience, people watch and to browse all of the counters! Its also 34th street so this would be the best place to go at Christmas.

10) Of Course visit Times Square!

Have a little Photo shoot with your friends/family and get that perfect Instagram shot!

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