Thursday, 1 September 2016

New York: Week 3

 Welcome to my third week in New York! This week was spent mostly outside so we got to work on our tans..haha. We spent most of our time exploring Central Park and visiting movie sights.

The Zoo

Our first stop was at the zoo...yes like the one in Madagascar, but minus the lion, giraffe, zebra and the hippo. However, it was just as great because they had so much to see in the tiny zoo. We got to see all sorts of animals including my favorite the red panda i just love them :). Ill put some pictures instead of rambling about all the animals when you can just see them for yourselves. Theres also a 4-D film and a petting zoo included in your ticket which I thought was awsome I love a good petting zoo.

The Park
 There is so much to see in the park including large heards of Pokemon Go players attached to their phones. We just took it easy and moseyed around a bit trying to find areas we had seen in the films such as the rock they sit on in Doctor Who and the Bathesda fountain (also in Doctor Who...don't blink). We also sat next to one of the lakes or ponds for a while watching the small turtles bob up and down almost curious to see us humans. We then made our way to Bow bridge and found a family of the cutest raccoons.

Yup she played Pokemon as well!

See you next week when I will be posting two New York posts in one week!

Bye for now,

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