Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New York: Week 4

 This is my penultimate New York post, but lucky for you, you guys will get the last post this week as well instead of waiting a whole another week!
   This week consisted of a lot of walking..... a lot! Good thing I opted for my Nike trainers, because it felt as thought I was walking on air!

The first place we stopped by was the Flat Iron building. This is actually a "significant New York Building" that I had actually forgot about, it was only when my sister told me to turn around I remembered it. I must admit I did have a little New York fan girl moment.

The second "tourist" attraction was the public library ....yes, again because last time we didn't get to go in because they were filming. This library is beautiful! The inside looks like you're in some sort of palace.

I didn't take to many pictures as I wasn't sure that you were allowed, but then again you weren't allowed in any of the rooms but the main stairs and the corridors. It was still pretty awesome though. We then made our way up 5th Avenue and constantly complained about the heat... as you do, you know us British are never happy about the weather. We then noticed we were walking past one place that to me looks completely different to the movies. The Rockefeller centre minus the ginormous Christmas tree and ice rink as seen in countless movies including my favourite, Home Alone 2.

After our short and sweet visit we made our way back up 5th Avenue. Of course we stopped at Tiffanys and even went inside. Although we felt very under dressed the staff were overwhelmingly lovely. Again I didn't take to many pictures inside because I didn't know if we could.

Then came the perfect 'Instagram moment' the Love sign which I've seen so much of on  my Instagram explore feed. I just had to get a picture or two or three but I'll only put two on to save your eyes.

On our way to the subway we stopped at a pizza place and grabbed a $1 slice which again I got very excited about and had to get a picture.

So we then left for the subway with a greasy slice of pizza in one hand and our metro card in the other.

Then the day that I Had been waiting for finally came around! CATS! We got to see Cats the musical staring Leona Lewis who might I add was incredible (and also walked passed us on the way out of the theatre after). I had always enjoyed watching this musical on DVD when I was younger, kind of a comfort film. To see it live, on stage and on Broadway was incredible!! My sister and I left the theatre singing all the songs like we did when we were little.. pure bliss. The show was magical its so hard to describe, but I would highly recommend that you go and see it. We also had a little photo shoot in Times Square before and after.

After the show

That's all for this week!


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