Monday, 12 September 2016

The MET: Dresses

The MET or the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a wonderful new exibition ..... The MET dresses. That is what I am going to share with you today including many pictures of the outstanding dresses!

The MET itself is a gorgeous building and holds many amazing pieces of art including my favourite Picasso! It also holds many rooms that are made to look like old Victorian or french rooms.

Anyway on to the dresses! The first dress you see is probably the most impressive! The Channel wedding gown . This dress has a 20 foot train which is covered with gorgeous beads. There is a projected picture of the beading on the ceiling of the exhibition. The whole exhibition is created by Apple so its all very impressive.

This wasn't the only breathtaking dress there. The exhibition was separated into different sections I am simply going to label the sections and give you the pictures to look at.


Everything but fabric




My Favourite!

3-D Printing



What I mean by this is that they are made out of metal and they look like they've come right out of a science fiction movie.

The oldest lace dress made in Ireland in 1869. 

That's all for now!

p.s I'm  not sure why the ending is in all caps. sorry

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