Thursday, 25 August 2016

New York: Week 2

I’m back again with another New York post for you guys. This week is the week that my bank account will never forget. I guess I could call this post shopping and history…. you’ll see why.

Day at the museum

After seeing that film I have always wanted to go there (The Museum of Natural History). I’ve already been to the Smithsonian and now this one, I only have to go to the London museum now to complete all three films haha. Walking up from the subway the museum is right in front as you when you ‘reach the surface’ and it is a sight to see. It looks exactly like the film from the outside with the statue of Teddy Roosevelt outside and those gigantic stone columns.

However, when you walk inside it's completely different to the film. A good different, because the ceiling as you walk in is amazing and there are sculptures all around to keep you busy as you stand in line for your ticket. You can choose how much you want to pay to go in or you can purchase a full price ticket which i think is a great idea as not everyone (including me) can afford a full priced ticket. Even without paying full price you still get access to all of the floors where there is so much to see!
My favourite was the Easter Island head (dumb dumb give me gum gum) and the blue whale model. I didn't take too many photos as i just took it all in so I do apologise for the lack of photos.

The newest addition to the museum, the Titanosaur one of the longest dinosaur skeletons at 122 feet long!

We also paid a small visit to Strawberry Fields, the memorial which is opposite to the sight where John Lennon was fatally shot. This was also a beautiful sight as someone had lay roses around the memorial, there were also people playing songs by both John Lennon and the Beatles as a tribute

......and grabbed a Grays Papya hot dog

The day my wallet won't forget

Well we all know whats going to happen if you let me loose on 34th street. However, I am not going to show you what I bought just yet, because I'm going to show you that in an America haul in a couple of weeks. We spent the whole day shopping and looking around at all the sights to see, including the New York Public Library where they were actually filming a TV show called Conviction so look out for me in the background! The day came to an end and we enjoyed our McDonald's (with Orange Coke! which was amazing!) whilst watching them film at the public library.

Bye for now,

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