Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Whats in my carry on?

This is a sad moment indeed as I am packing to leave New York. It's okay though because I'm still in America for another four weeks! While I was packing I had an idea, that I have seen many others do and that is what I am going to share with you today.

The first thing I put in my carry on is a jumper. Although I am traveling to Atlanta it is still very cold on the plane and who doesn't like to be cozy?

The next thing is headphones. I can sometimes be a very anxious traveler, and by having a pair of headphones with me I can play my favorite spotify playlist, sit back and relax for the two hour flight.

A phone lead is very handy sometimes as a lot of planes do offer USB charging ports. Always keep your phone charged whilst traveling!

A book, and most importantly this book! Its nice to get away sometimes definitely for me as I mentioned before I can be a very nervous traveler.

Sunglasses: I probably won't need them when I travel back to England but they will be needed for my trip to Atlanta.

Passport…… little bit obvious but you don't always need it when you're flying domestic.

Buy yourself a bottle of water when you get through security as they won't let you through with you own. Keep hydrated you don't want those pesky headaches when you land.

I like to bring a spray with me just to freshen up. However, I never use this on the plane only after I land and go to the bathroom. This is a sample of Gucci Bamboo from Sephora.

Bye for now,

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