Monday, 29 August 2016

This is my first go at this so let me know if you guys like it and want to see more.

First look

This is one of my favorite looks! The hat is from Oasis it was £5 pounds in the sale. The kimono is also from Oasis It was £35 but its in the sale now so grab it while you can! The Top is from New Look  I found one that is similar if you click on the link. The shorts are from Primark they were about £6! The shoes are again from Oasis again these are similar.

                                                                      Second Look

I love love love this dress! It is also from Oasis. However, it has been in store a long time so it is no longer available but u have found this one which is very similar! The shoes are again from Oasis, but these ones are similar from New Look!

Here I am trying to be cool.haha.

Third Look

The dress is once again...... from Oasis and is in the sale for £18! I paired this with my white converse!


Fourth Look

I contemplated putting this on as I look very scraggly but this is a simple outfit . The top is from New Look and the shorts are the same ones from Primark.


Fifth Look 

Thanks for the photo Tara
 I actually bought this play suit over 6 years ago! I'm surprised its still in one piece (no pun intended). It's from an Americian shop called Old Navy but I've found this one here that is similar. This one from New Look is similar.


New Look

Sixth Look

The top is from New Look and the shorts are the same £6 shorts from Primark. Yes, I'm really getting my moneys worth out of them. The shoes are from Nike and are possibly the most comfortable shoes ever! I couldn't find the one I bought but i found this one which is similar.

New Look


The last look

This play suit is from Miss Selfridge from last summer. Although I found this one which I love just as much!


I also paired this with an American Eagle Bralette as this play suit is quite low cut and it looks strange when you pin it up with a safety pin.


That's it for this summer, let me know if you like any of the outfits or the clothes I have found. Also I'd love to see what you are wearing or wore this summer!


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