Thursday, 18 August 2016

New York: Week 1


So my summer in New York began on the 19th of August ! I am staying with my sister who lives and goes to University here (recently graduated with a masters whoooo!) I would have stayed here for 5 weeks. I will be posting a new week every week! Soooo... these posts are behind by about 3 weeks.

So my first week was  spent exploring numerous places starting with the 9/11 memorial. This is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go as the last time I was in New York the twin towers were still standing. There is a beautiful memorial that stands there now. There are two (one where each of the towers stood) made of a black stone with every ones name who was lost carved into it and around the square shaped memorial. The names light up at night and there are also flowers placed in the names whose birthday it is that day which I think is a beautiful touch to remember those individuals. The memorial is in beautiful condition and its respected in every way possible, by this I mean that there is no vandalism or anything scaring the memorial. The memorial then plummets into the ground with a mesmerising waterfall.

Next we visited Wall street and the Brooklyn bridge and walked along the seafront soaking in all the sun. The trips on the subway weren't so bad the only thing is that it gets so hot waiting for the train I can honestly say that I have never felt so sweaty!

Then the best thing happend….. We went to a Cat Cafe! Its called the Little Lions Cat Cafe and it was amazing! All the cats are up for adoption and it's very tempting to get one as I tried to persuade my sister and her roommate to adopt one. It was $6 for 30 minutes with the cats where you can enjoy a lovely (iced) beverage while the cats scurry around you and sometimes beg you for food.

We also paid a visit to the High Line Park which is an old abandoned subway track that has become overgrown with trees and all sorts. It has been beautifully converted into a “sightseeing” feature of New York a it takes you around some of the outside of the city. You can do all sorts on here such as sunbathe, grab an ice cream and at night they have a light show where dancers come up in costumes that light up, unfortunately I missed this.

That is the end of week ones adventures week two will be up next week.


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