Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Full House

 What it's like living in a uni house.

 Starting with my house. The first day was okay. You just get to know each other. Its great being able to go on a night out with a big group of girls (I live with 6 girls). You all get ready together, asking each other what your going to wear and little things like that. You may think that shower schedules and toilet schedules may be a hassle, but no it's been no problem at all. In the beginning you get to know each others bad habits, but you will get used to that and kind of ignore it later on.
I did find that throughout the year we did kind of find our groups and spent more time with the people in our group. Girls being girls we do argue and disagree. There may be a bit of bitchiness coming from both sides. Honestly it happened in my house, but gladly we are over it now. 

Make friends with the house next door. Definitely if you share a back garden like we do. We bought a table the first week that we all used to sit and pre-drink or eat on. The house next door is a boys house so they didn't have as much how do I put it? trouble as we did with bitchiness and separation. Their just so laid back. 
I originally chose a single room with an en-suite bathroom, and your own kitchen, but I'm glad I didn't get it or I wouldn't have had this experience. I also wouldn't have meet so many people. Living in a house also got rid of that awkwardness of finding people to go out with on the first day, we just go out as one big group (both houses together). I honestly love living in a uni house!
You will make really good friends in University some not as close as others but friends all the same.
So enjoy uni and don't waste your first year on arguments and living in a house where no one talks to each other (yes, it got that bad). Youll get on with your housemates you may have ups and downs, but thats life. Its a great experience.


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