Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Eater treat week: Day 2

Pamper Day!

We all deserve a pamper day and there's no better time to do it when you have nothing else to do. I've left in links of where I get my products .

1)Order a Pizza

2) Shower/bath, I love using all my favourite lotions and bath creams to pamper myself with!

3) Face masks!! I love these from boots they were on offer 3 for 2! Bargain!

Mega Moisture
Brightening Peel

4) Nose strips we use the T-zone ones from Tesco. Gotta keep those pores clear.

5) Cups of tea! I'm drinking twining s salted caramel green tea at the moment! soo yummy!

6) Movie marathon!

Some of my favourites

7) Something Sweet? Perhaps a cupcake from my last post?

A short cut!

Did you have your Pamper day?

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