Saturday, 1 October 2016

Bath and Body Works Haul!

The one problem about not living in America anymore is the lack of Bath and Body Works. Well not the lack but the absence of as there arn't any in England! They definitely need to consider branching out to the UK as they would probably make a lot of profit off of us Brits am I right?! Anyway I definitely spent a lots of money in that store as a matter of fact I went in a couple of times throughout my trip. 

Lets start with body items.....

Yes, I went all out on the pumpkin sent this time. Being in America during September is probably the best thing ever as all the pumpkin flavoured everything shows up in stores! Anyways there was an offer on at the time, buy three get three free so me and my friend split the cost of one of group of three items...if that makes any sense.  I went for the sweet cinnamon pumpkin which has two of the best fall scents in one! The packaging is very festive I will also be leaving these on show in my bathroom for all to see!!

The spray....

Works like a body mist very light but I can smell it for most of the day. I use an empty Sephora sample spray bottle to carry this around in my Uni bag. Again smells like Autumn in a bottle!

The lotion....

The lotion is thicker than I thought, but it goes on and dries very quickly! 

The scrub...

Hand sanitisers.... 

I LOVE these they smell amazing and their as cute as a button! Wish I had gotten more but these two smell amazing!
I got the sweet Cinnamon pumpkin (surprise surprise) and the pumpkin berry crumble which smells amazing very sweet if you like that sort of thing. Just wish I had bought more!

The Candles

These candles are massive, 3 wick! They also smell amazing too they fill the room with the sent in minutes and you can smell it for ours after you blow it out!
Of course I had to get a pumpkin candle to go with my theme. The doughnut candle smells exactly like a cinnamon doughnut makes the room smell amazing!

That's all I got this time, hopefully this will last me through the Autumn months!


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