Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Begu Tea

One thing you may not know about me is that I love tea. Any type of tea, earl grey, PG tips, weight loss tea and herbal teas. I was very kindly sent an assortment of teas from Begu tea to try.

First impression

The packaging is so cute I love it! It's so colorful and vibrant nothing like any other teas I've tried. I just love seeing them in my cupboard and all of the teas taste great so whats not to love! My favorite I have to say is the Night time tea which has hints of peppermint which makes me feel very relaxed before I go to sleep. The teas have the affect that they say they do on the packets and are definitely affecting my diet in a good way of course! 

If you are looking for weigh loss help I would recommend:

Crave: The herbs in this are designed to help stop you from reaching for that spoonful of Nutella.. not that I would .....
Appetite: This tea is so helpful because it helps curve your appetite so you don't keep snacking on anything it doesn't have to be sweet.
System cleanse: This definitely works..... I would have this just before you go to bed and be ready in the morning.

If you are looking for help winding down I would recommend:

Calm: Having a big problem with anxiety and juggling 5 assignments at once this tea comes in very handy. Calms you down in no time!
Night Night tea: This tea is a life saver for when I need to make sure I get a good nights sleep for those long Mondays.

If you are looking for help waking up and going to sleep (which is my big issue) I would recommend these

Morning Buzz: This tea fills you with a healthy buzz of energy a lot better than any Monster or red Bull. I like to enjoy mine on my way to Uni so I'm ready for that 9am lecture. 
Night Night Tea: Yes, I put this twice because it really works. I have a big problem falling to sleep sometimes and the past week that I've had this tea I've drifted off to sleep, and also had the best night sleep ever! 

Thanks for reading!
Beth xox

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