Thursday, 14 May 2015

My new job!

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my interview post that I was going to and interview with Change lingerie. Well I got the job. I have waited a while to talk about it only because I wasn't sure what I thought at first. Working in the lingerie business is different from just plain old clothes retail. You provide a service to every customer catering to their needs completely! Which I love, I get to meet so many different people everyday and sometimes even make their day by helping them look and feel great.

About Change

Change is based in Denmark with about 200 stores in Denmark, Ireland and Canada with only one store in England (Chester). They offer a range of b-e-a-utiful styles including lounge wear and sports wear! We range from a 28 back in some styles and up to a 40 back and range from an A cup to A K! We have three sub sections (if you like) that includes Change, Brittany Spears, Charade and Change for men. Visit their website and check them out!

Here's a peek of what we offer!...
My favourite Charade set

My favourite Charade set
My favourite Change set

My favourite Change set

Brittany swimwear



Change Swimwear

Change swimwear


Brittany Spears range

Florence Range

Florence range

Working girl (lol) this is on our Instagram page!

So if your  ever in Chester pop in and visit and let me know if you've seen my blog!


P.s I wasn't asked to do this I decided to write this myself!

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